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Proted is devoted to creating products and solutions that meet with customer demands. Our products range from carbon foot systems, adapters, tubes, silicone liners, active vacuum systems, passive and mechanic hands, high quality prosthesis knee joints and orthesis solutions.
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Freedom of movement
reduces user fatique
and improves mobility

Carbon Foot Systems

Unique designs, innovative products

All over the world

5 continents, 63 countries

Quality is tradition at Proted

High Quality

Certified production

21 different models

Knee & Hip Joints

Easy air transfer

AirFeed® Active Vacuum System


Get an overview of the extensive range of Carbon Products, Connection Adapters, Knee Joints, Cosmetic foams, Orthotic parts and the variety of possible combinations.

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All Proted products are manufactured under CE and ISO standards. They are compatible with universal prosthetic and orthotic applications.

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The exact match for your patients' needs!

25 years experience, 580+ products, CE & ISO Certificated production..

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Wide Product Range
2 Years Warranty

With its 5000 square meters factory, 25 years of experience in the field of prosthetics & orthotics and expert staff, Proted is one of the biggest manufacturer of Europe.

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