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Career Development

There are different career ways in accordance with job families in our company. Employees’ recruited from every job family and level career development rises to top level executive positions.

Our company’s human resources strategy is defined as; Organisational climate, highlighting creativity to achieve customer satifaction and innovation with composing superior performance culture supporting employees’ development. In direction of this strategy, employees completing education and development plan under the job families may rise to higher level after showing the mandatory performance and competence within the time specified in current level.

At the rising phase of specialist which is our all pemanent staffs mid point, employees choose to continue their career as manager or specialist by entering the rising exam acquiring different character up to job family or positions. Dual career ways are submitted to our employees as manager or specialist by the practice evaluating manager competency in the way of career. Right along with having the existing competence supporting personal development and in the direction of developing the career, education opportunities are provided to our employees who are a member of our team and joining us.

Performance Management

Our employees are evaluated once a year in line with specific performance criteria. On the basis of the results of these performance evaluations, an employee’s training needs are identified and a career plan is developed.