Active Vacuum System

AirFeed® Active Vacuum System

Active Vacuum eliminates the present disadvantages of socket systems and sucks the air between the socket and silicone sleeve and discharges it in the prostheses for below knee amputation patients.

By discharging the air inside the socket, the compatibility between the socket and the amputated part of the patient is ensured. By this means, the patient feels his/her prosthesis more lightly, the piston flow (entrance-exit) likely to occur in the socket is stopped, the patient is ensured to continue to his/her life for a long time actively, and the reaction force of the ground starting with stepping on the ground during walking of the patient is absorbed.

A connector rotating 360 degrees is used for modular connection of air suction line to the apparatus according to the invention in the socket application.
  • Weight Absorber Head

    Softening quality while transition of patient's weight to the system

  • Smart Air Transfer

    Easy air transfer inside the socket

  • Socket Connection Adapter

    Easy adaptation to 180° rotatable socket

  • Below Knee Amputation

    AirFeed® Active Vacuum System is suitable for below knee amputation patients

  • Practical Setup

    Easy assemble input-output system

  • AirFeed® Connection Adapter

    180° rotatable fittings part

  • Max Body Weight

    Maximum body weight is 115 kilograms

  • During rehabilitation or all mobility classes

    Mobility class is not a matter for AirFeed®

PR09.AV.001 PR09.AV.002 PR09.AV.003
Mobility Degree 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4
Proximal Connection Tube clamp
Distal Connection Tube Receiver Ø30 mm
Weight ~404 gr
System Length 113 mm
Material Alloyed Aluminium
Max Body Weight 45-65 kg 66-85 kg 86-100 kg



Warranty: 24 months limited warranty.

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