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Carbon Foot Plate

Carbon fiber foot plates are corresponding to different indications as platform/basis for foot orthoses or partial foot amputations when combined with appropriate footwear. The plates cannot be thermoformed.

Carbon Foot Plate is designed to be used as a platform for foot orthoses or used under factory shoe insole. Replaces spring steel extended shanks for pathologies requiring limited foot motion.

  PR01.K4 - Carbon Foot Plate
Mobility Grade 1, 2, 3, 4
Heel Height 10 mm
Side Left - Right
Size 22-30
Max Body Weight No weight limitations


PR01.KK - Carbon Foot Shell

The prosthetic foot is designed for use with a foot shell. Without a foot shell, the individual foot is shorter than the size indicates.

Carbon Foot Stocking

A pair of socks (one is as a spare) is sent with the product.

Warranty: 24 months limited warranty.

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