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Syme Carbon Foot

Syme Carbon Foot features a flexible design that allows it for both indoor and outdoor use. PR01.K3 Syme also provides perfect stability and safe ground contact. Recommended for prosthetic users with mobility grade 2 and 3.

Syme Carbon Foot is a flexible and light carbon foot specially designed for patients with a lower extremity Syme's amputation. The upper part of the foot features a carbon-fiber plate whereas the toes are composed of two carbon sheets. The foot is suitable with a steel rotating lamination anchor.

Syme Carbon Foot is available in sizes from 22 to 30 cm and provides flex-assist at toeoff and heel. The dynamic dorsi-flexion and improved loading response reduce energy consumption and minimizes ground reaction force. The hard surface shows extra resistane to stress making it specially suitable for heavy patients during their daily activities.

To be used with carbon socks and foot shells for carbon feet.

Advice for technicians: The static setting must be made very carefully by correctly determining the connection points of the lamination adapter.

  • Adapters

    Pyramid adapter made of high quality titanium

  • Heel Design

    The heel spring dampens the impact at heel strike and stores the energy for a smooth rollover.

  • Carbon-PU Sandwich Design

    Maximizes the strength

  • Mobility Grade

    Syme is recommended for prosthetic users with mobility grade 1 and 2

  PR01.K3 - Syme
Mobility Grade 2, 3
Heel Height 10 mm
Side Left - Right
Size 22-30
Max Body Weight Size 22-24: 80 kg
Size 25-27: 110 kg
Size 28-30: 125 kg


PR01.KK - Carbon Foot Shell

The prosthetic foot is designed for use with a foot shell. Without a foot shell, the individual foot is shorter than the size indicates.

Carbon Foot Stocking

A pair of socks (one is as a spare) is sent with the product.

Warranty: 24 months limited warranty.

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