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Polycentric Knee Joint with Lock | PR04.PK.150

Polycentric knee joint with integrated extension assist. Thanks to its polycentric kinematics, the knee joint ensures excelent stability and comfortable walking for the prosthetic limb user.

Its adjustable lock secures the knee joint in extension and is released using the lock cable.

PR04.PK.150 offers numerous advantages, not only whilst walking. When sitting or kneeling, the large maximum flexion angle of 110° and the low system height when flexed make it both comfortable and practical.

Recommended for transfemoral amputees with mobility grade 1.

  • Extension/flexion can be set
    independently of each other

  • During rehabilitation or
    mobility classes 1

  • Knee flexion angle
    up to 110°

  • Adjustable flexion and
    extension dampening

  • Maximum body weight 100 kg

Mobility Grade 1
Proximal Connection Pyramid Adapter
Distal Connection Pyramid Adapter
Knee Flexion Angle 110°
Weight ~640 gr
System Height 81 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Max Body Weight 100 kg



Warranty: 24 months limited warranty.

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